Rebecca Casper to Focus on Economic Development as the Next Mayor

News Release

Idaho Falls, ID, September 4, 2013:  Rebecca Casper, candidate for Idaho Falls Mayor, committed that her highest priority will be to boost the local economy and help attract good paying jobs.

“My job #1 will be do what it takes to attract new businesses to Idaho Falls, grow existing local companies, and improve the opportunities for our local citizens to find better paying jobs,” stated Casper.

“Idaho Falls is at the heart of a regional contest for economic development with both Pocatello and Rexburg fully engaged with full-time staff working to attract jobs and businesses to their respective communities.  In Idaho Falls, we’ve relied on private groups to carry the load.  They do a great job, but the City of Idaho Falls can be more fully engaged.”

“In the past several years, between Costco and Allstate we’ve lost jobs to Pocatello, Chubbuck, and Bannock County.  Rexburg and Madison County are working hard to attract new businesses by fostering entrepreneurial growth.  We lack these key relationships and this has inhibited our progress. As the largest city in the region, we can do better,” said Casper.

 Casper shared the following elements of her plan to attract and develop business opportunities in the Idaho Falls area:

  •  Establish an Office of Economic Development to coordinate economic development activities of the City of Idaho Falls in concert with local economic development groups such as Grow Idaho Falls, the Downtown Development Corporation, the Partnership for Science and Technology, and other regional development organizations to maximize the results achieved.
  • Strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the city and Bonneville County as well as those with other local cities in the county—particularly Ammon.
  • Reduce red tape and barriers for businesses looking to build in at the area or existing businesses looking to expand.
  • Expand economic development activities regionally, with a particular emphasis on creating a partnership between Idaho Falls, Ammon and Bonneville County similar to the current coordination between Pocatello, Chubbuck and Bannock County.
  • Play a key supportive role in developing new missions for the Idaho National Laboratory.
  • Maintain a competitive property tax levy.
  • Hold the line on City spending by carefully scrutinizing every expenditure.
  • Maximize Idaho Falls’ cultural, artistic and other amenities to boost tourism.

Rebecca Casper is an Idaho Falls resident by choice and announced her candidacy for Mayor of Idaho Falls on June 25th. She is a political science instructor at both EITC and BYU-Idaho and the owner of a consulting firm, Omnia Strategies. She has chaired or co-chaired the Idaho Falls Chamber’s Legislative Committee for the past four years and was the first director of the Mayor’s Scholarship Fund. She is also the mother of four.