Rebecca Casper's Victory Speech

acceptance.jpgHere is the text of Rebecca Casper's victory speech on Tuesday after learning she had been elected as Idaho Falls' next Mayor:

"What a great night! 

I am grateful to the voters of Idaho Falls. 

Back in June, right here in this hotel, I announced my candidacy for Mayor. Over the past few months, I have met thousands of people, visited lots of doors, and connected directly with many of you online. (About 34 campaign events, plus 8 joint appearances with candidates—and about 6 radio interviews.)

I want to thank all of those who helped – far too many to mention by name. Each of you made a real difference.
· I need to give a special thanks to Mayor Fuhriman and his willingness to embrace my campaign.
· I need to thank my great family—my kids and my extended family. It means so much to have them all here
· I also want to thank my opponents. They worked hard. Let’s give them all a well-deserved round of applause....

The meaning of tonight is simple: The people of Idaho Falls support *solving our problems, *growing our economy and *enhancing our community.

I am committed to honoring campaign promises and bringing forth the other good ideas that have come forth in the campaign. You’ll hear more about how I’ll do that shortly. Gimme a few days. I am so very excited!

I want you to know how very much I believe in Idaho’s system of non-partisan local governance. I am excited to be part of that tradition. I sincerely love our system.

Tonight is just the beginning. I understand the trust the voters have placed in me and I trust them right back! I am excited to get to work. With your help, I am up to the task. Together, we can take Idaho Falls to a higher level!"