Casper far ahead on 11/7. But runoff December 5th.

On November 7th, Mayor Rebecca Casper took nearly 47% of the vote. Her nearest competitor was 20 points before. 

Because no candidate got more than 50%, a runoff election will be held on December 5th.


Casper running for Re-Election

Mayor Casper on August 29, 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn announced officially she is running for re-election this November.

Here are some of the news stories about her announcement:


Rebecca Casper's Victory Speech

acceptance.jpgHere is the text of Rebecca Casper's victory speech on Tuesday after learning she had been elected as Idaho Falls' next Mayor:

"What a great night! 

I am grateful to the voters of Idaho Falls. 

Back in June, right here in this hotel, I announced my candidacy for Mayor. Over the past few months, I have met thousands of people, visited lots of doors, and connected directly with many of you online. (About 34 campaign events, plus 8 joint appearances with candidates—and about 6 radio interviews.)

I want to thank all of those who helped – far too many to mention by name. Each of you made a real difference.
· I need to give a special thanks to Mayor Fuhriman and his willingness to embrace my campaign.
· I need to thank my great family—my kids and my extended family. It means so much to have them all here
· I also want to thank my opponents. They worked hard. Let’s give them all a well-deserved round of applause....

The meaning of tonight is simple: The people of Idaho Falls support *solving our problems, *growing our economy and *enhancing our community.

I am committed to honoring campaign promises and bringing forth the other good ideas that have come forth in the campaign. You’ll hear more about how I’ll do that shortly. Gimme a few days. I am so very excited!

I want you to know how very much I believe in Idaho’s system of non-partisan local governance. I am excited to be part of that tradition. I sincerely love our system.

Tonight is just the beginning. I understand the trust the voters have placed in me and I trust them right back! I am excited to get to work. With your help, I am up to the task. Together, we can take Idaho Falls to a higher level!"


Casper wins -- without a runoff!

Rebecca Casper was tonight elected the next Mayor of Idaho Falls, taking 54% of the vote.  She won every precinct in Idaho Falls and took 23% more of the vote than her nearest opponent.

Detailed results are available here.


Our endorsement ad in the 11/3 Post Register

Sunday, November 3rd's Post Register ran our endorsement ad. Nearly 300 local citizens gave permission for their names to be used.  

The ad also includes endorsements from prominent individuals including Mayor Fuhriman, former Mayor Linda Milam, Anne Voilleque, Sheila Olsen, and Governor Otter and the First Lady, Lori Otter.

A pdf version can be found here.


Mayor Jared Fuhriman Backs Rebecca Casper as the Next Mayor of Idaho Falls.

Press Release

October 30, 2013: Current Idaho Falls Mayor Jared Fuhriman officially endorsed Rebecca Casper to be his successor in the November 5th election.

"Over the past 8 years, I've worked hard to make Idaho Falls a great place for our families. Rebecca Casper is the best candidate to take us to the next level. She is fully prepared to grow our local economy and enhance our community--and she'll do so by bringing people with a wide variety of viewpoints together. She has my full support,” stated Fuhriman.

Casper was delighted to accept Fuhriman’s backing and noted: “Mayor Fuhriman has been a dedicated public servant. His hard efforts to make Idaho Falls better will make my job easier. I am honored to have his support and wish him and his family the best.”


Local Radio Personality, Neal Larson, Endorses Rebecca Casper

Press Release

Idaho Falls, ID, November 1, 2013: Neal Larson today announced his endorsement of Rebecca Casper to become the next Mayor of Idaho Falls.

"Rebecca Casper possesses that perfect mix of principle and pragmatism that facilitates good local government. She is the rare sort that sees opportunity in common ground even in our current divisive political environment, yet has the ability to make tough decisions when necessary. Without hesitation, I endorse Rebecca as Idaho Falls' next mayor."

Casper gratefully accepted Mr. Larson’s support.

“I appreciate the role Neal plays in informing area residents. As host of his own show, he tackles tough issues with a degree of humor that reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. In his work as the News Director he demonstrates a serious commitment to the delivery of hard news and information to the public. ”

Neal Larson, a local radio personality, hosts 'The Neal Larson Show' weekdays from 8-10am. He also serves as the news director at Rich Broadcasting. His work allows him to shape opinion for the whole region, and discuss important political issues with all of east Idaho. In addition to his radio duties, Neal is the public address announcer for Idaho State University Athletics, and is a regional newspaper columnist.


Casper adds another provision to her plan for City spending

Rebecca Casper, candidate for Idaho Falls Mayor, today added another provision to her plan for City spending:

  • Initiate the budget process earlier in the year to allow council members sufficient time to fully study and vet all budget proposals well before the end of the fiscal year looms.

You can review the rest of her plan for City spending here.



Post Register Editorial: True Leadership -- Not Deference

Each of the candidates for mayor was asked to respond to a question from the Post Register.  Rebecca's was about her ability to lead, not be led, by City Department heads.  

Here was her response:

I welcome this opportunity to speak directly to Idaho Falls voters about my leadership style.

Let me be perfectly clear: in a democratic republic, accountability to voters is critical. It is never appropriate for a mayor or council member to delegate or abdicate that responsibility. In the words of President Truman, the "buck" stops with the elected officials.

Read more

Local Philanthropist, Anne Voillequé Endorses Rebecca Casper

Local Philanthropist, Anne Voillequé Endorses Rebecca Casper

Idaho Falls, ID, October 28, 2013:  Anne Staton Voillequé today announced her endorsement of Rebecca Casper to become the next Mayor of Idaho Falls.

“Rebecca Casper would bring to the Mayor's office intelligence and proven creative problem- solving skills. She is well known as a mediator, a listener and one who easily shares solutions. In other words, she plays well with others.  I have witnessed these behaviors that we sorely need in politics today, and I am proud to support her candidacy.”

Casper graciously accepted Ms. Voillequé’s support.

 “Anne is one of Idaho Falls’ treasures.  She has proven herself to be generously supportive of worthwhile causes—too many to count.  She always has the highest standards for what she brings to the community and her sense of civic duty is something we all could better emulate. ”

Anne Staton Voillequé has embraced Idaho Falls as home for 44 years. A former Bonneville County Democratic Chairman, she has served as the Idaho Falls Symphony Board President and on the Idaho Falls Arts Council Board.  She currently supports need-based scholarships at EITC and ISU, among other philanthropic endeavors. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Andrus Center for Public Policy based at Boise State University, and the Idaho State University Foundation Board of Directors.