Casper Seeks a Responsive City Council

Press Release

Access to Open Dialogue Important For All Citizens And Should Be A Priority

Idaho Falls, ID, September 12, 2013: In response to the significant number of citizens who planned to attend Thursday night's Idaho Falls City Council meeting, and could not get in, Rebecca Casper has issued the following statement:

It is an understatement to say that tonight’s Idaho Falls City Council meeting was well-attended. 

Clearly, it would have been prudent to move the meeting to a different venue to accommodate everyone. Why? Not for comfort (though I did see people sitting on the floor and standing on the sidewalk for hours), but for the sake of the formation of sound public policy.

This was—and still is—a conversation that needs to be held in full public view. The communication, the learning, and the bridge-building that is needed in order for the community as a whole to progress cannot happen if we cannot be together. 

I still believe in the voice of the people. I trust in the ability of my fellow Idaho Falls residents to come together and achieve consensus on even the most divisive issues. But that takes time and dialogue. We should learn from the process tonight that some issues require a broader hearing—in every sense of the word.