Casper Outlines Plans to Efficiently Spend Taxpayers Dollars

Press Release

Idaho Falls, ID, September 16, 2013: Rebecca Casper, candidate for Idaho Falls Mayor, today detailed her approach to City spending, all designed to maximize the “bang for the buck”. 

“Taxpayer funds are sacred and policymakers must treat them as such,” said Casper. “I’m a penny-pincher by nature and citizens can expect that same careful attitude from their City government. This is why I have a plan to insure that City spending is efficient and effective.” 

Casper’s plan to insure efficient City spending is built around the following operations: 

  • Establish citizen review committees to scrutinize each City division to seek both spending efficiencies and mission alignment beginning as part of the transition process after the November 5th election. 
  • Conduct management audits by outside accounting firms on a rotating basis for selected City departments. 
  • Create an environment that rewards the achievement of financial efficiencies by offering financial rewards to City employees who propose viable cost savings that are adopted. 
  • Incentivize City taxpayers to advance their ideas to obtain City efficiencies by dedicating a portion of the savings of ideas implemented to tax reduction. 

“A Casper Administration will focus on three broad management objectives: 1) Achieving “smart" priorities—make certain that each program meets citizen needs; 2) Ensuring “effectiveness”—that City programs accomplish what we intend; and 3) Spending “efficiently” to get the best return on each tax dollar. Casper stated. “Careful City spending is a top priority.”