Casper Outlines Plan to Leverage Idaho Falls’ Art & Cultural Attractions and to Boost Tourism in Local Economy

Press Release

Idaho Falls, ID, October 14, 2013: Rebecca Casper, candidate for Idaho Falls Mayor, outlined the following ideas to boost the tourist trade in Idaho Falls by leveraging the City’s arts and cultural attractions.

“Growing the economy will be my #1 focus as Mayor. Idaho Falls is well-poised to attract even more tourist dollars. One strategy is to use our tremendous arts and cultural attractions as an inducement for visitors to exit I-15 to come into Idaho Falls in the first place,” said Casper. “This will put more dollars into our community, grow existing businesses, attract new ones and put more of our citizens to work.”

“We have much to work with: The Museum of Idaho, events at the Colonial Theater, the forthcoming ARTitorium on Broadway, the soon-to-be-built Idaho Falls Events Center, the Idaho Falls Zoo, the Idaho Falls Symphony, the Idaho Falls Opera Company, the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho and so much more. This is list is particularly impressive when you consider the relative size of Idaho Falls. I want our city to take maximum advantage of the tremendous resource these arts and cultural attractions represent.”

Casper supports the following pro-tourism initiatives:

  • Improve the I-15 corridor and City entrances to add “curb appeal” to attract incidental visitors.
  • Add interesting and consistent signage to steer visitors to our local attractions. 
  • Preserve the Civic Auditorium by enhanced marketing to encourage more use —perhaps through partnerships with private entities.
  • Boost Zoo traffic (and, therefore revenues) by developing a master plan for Tautphaus Park to include a revenue-based water park or similar family fun features to encourage greater park usage. 
  • Provide recognition and support for the achievements of our local arts and cultural organizations.