Casper Blasts Parry for Claiming Idaho Falls Didn’t Want Jobs

Idaho Falls, ID, October 18, 2013: – Rebecca Casper, candidate for Idaho Falls Mayor, strongly criticized the claim by her opponent, Sharon Parry, at Thursday’s Civitan Club Luncheon that Idaho Falls didn't want the jobs, revenues or economic impact of either the new Allstate facility in Chubbuck or the Costco store located in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area.

Parry made the statement about the lack of desirability of Costco and Allstate at a candidate forum sponsored by the club. She claimed that neither business provided jobs that Idaho Falls would desire. Parry stated: “We don’t need a Costco. We don’t need an Allstate.” “Those jobs might be okay for Pocatello, but not for Idaho Falls.”

“Jobs and economic growth are the leading issue for most Idaho Falls residents. My platform is rooted in the idea that the #1 job of the Mayor should be economic development,” said Casper. “Unlike Parry, I will seek to attract a wide variety of jobs and businesses rather than push them away. A living wage is always desirable, and so is keeping dollars in Idaho Falls.”

According to the Bannock Development Corporation, Allstate is bringing 725 jobs to the area with a starting salary of $12 per hour and full benefits including health insurance and paid vacation. Employees have the ability to move up in salary once they complete training.

Costco and its 400 jobs are significant economic driver attracting retail sales and tax revenue from residents throughout Eastern Idaho, including the Idaho Falls region.

Casper pointed out that the 1125 jobs connected with Allstate and Costco, if in Idaho Falls, would reduce the area’s August unemployment number 3685 by a bit less than half, resulting in an unemployment of 4.0% rather than the August rate of 5.8%.

“Having those jobs in Idaho Falls would bolster our economy and help those who currently struggling with unemployment. Obviously, Parry and I disagree on the importance of attracting businesses,” Casper stated. “I want a variety of good paying jobs and will seek them out.”