Casper Calls on Idaho Falls to Improve Its “Curb Appeal”

Press Release

(Idaho Falls) – Idaho Falls Mayoral candidate Rebecca Casper today announced a commitment to improving Idaho Falls’ entrances and the I-15 corridor to spur local tourism and economic growth.

“Any REALTOR® will tell you that you need to boost the curb appeal of your home to draw a buyer. The same holds true for the City of Idaho Falls if we want to attract more tourists. Every year, millions travel past our City. Attracting a higher percentage to spend a few hours or a few days locally will boost our economy,” stated Casper, a leading candidate for Idaho Falls Mayor.

“That is why we need to improve Idaho Falls’ ‘curb appeal’ by focusing on our city entrances and the I-15 corridor as it is developed over the next few years. It is critical that the I-15/Sunnyside interchange be developed appropriately to welcome visitors to our city. I would like to see more landscaping along Interstate 15 through Idaho Falls as well as better signage directing visitors to city amenities once they leave the freeway.”

“We also have issues with weeds and vacant properties internally. While I support Code enforcement, I think we also need to have this broader vision to generate tangible financial benefits.”

“Improving our City entrances and the I-15 corridor will put dollars into our community by helping our hotels, our gas stations, our eating establishments, our retail outlets and and our cultural attractions draw more customers and clients. Our local economy will become healthier and poised for more growth. We know that economic growth fills city coffers which, in turn, reduces the tax burden on local residents. This is smart, effective and efficient and will be a key focus of a Casper Administration,” summarized Casper.