An Open Letter on Patriot Day

Open Letter To Idaho Falls From Rebecca Casper

Idaho Falls, ID, September 11, 2013:  Rebecca Casper, candidate for Idaho Falls Mayor, shares her thoughts on this day of remembrance.

Today, Patriot Day, marks the annual observance of this day to remember the almost 3000 people who lost their lives in multiple terrorist attacks on American soil.

It important to allow ourselves to remember the whole range of emotion we experienced that day—from the fear and worry we felt to the compassion and the pride we experienced.  As we look about and see the many flags flying today, we can be assured that the citizens of Idaho Falls still remember and more importantly, that we will not forget.

We will not forget those who gave their lives on this day because duty called as we remember their honor.

We will not forget the hopelessness of terrorism as we remember how bright an American future can be.

We will not forget that our freedoms cannot be taken for granted—rather, we will remember to exercise them.

And perhaps most importantly, we will not forget as we watch a whole generation grow up before our eyes. We will remember to teach them so they will understand the legacy of freedom and patriotism they will inherit.