My Agenda for Idaho Falls



My Governing Philosophy

As Mayor, I will weigh decisions and policies against three governing principles: For each proposal we will ask:

  • Is it smart?
  • Will it be effective?
  • And if so, can we do it efficiently?

By “smart” I mean is the decision at hand a smart thing for the City of Idaho Falls to be doing? There are an unlimited number of options and “good ideas” a city can pursue, so the key question is which are specifically a priority for our citizens?  The answer reveals what is smart—and that is what I will focus on.

Additionally, anything we do must be done "effectively"—that is—in a manner that actually accomplishes what we intend. Before I adopt a policy, I will have to be convinced we can be effective.

Finally, taxpayer funds are sacred. Elected officials have a duty to taxpayers to proceed “efficiently.” We must ensure that the City spends money wisely.
























Solve. Grow. Enhance. 

“Voters deserve specifics, and Casper is delivering.” – Post Register 9/20/13

Solve Current Problems

Fire Department Overtime. Over the past two years, the City of Idaho Falls has accrued over $2 million in firefighter/EMT overtime. This year, the dollar pressure from that overtime led to the shuttering of Fire Station No. 5 on occasion. The City Council has reversed that decision but we need a long term solution. I propose adding additional personnel to avoid the need for excessive overtime in the future.  Read my news release here

North Loop. It is time to formulate an alternative to the proposed North Loop power transmission project. We clearly need to expand our power infrastructure.  But, we need a Plan “B” in the event the City loses the current court appeal.  My Post Register editorial on the topic is here.

Spray Park. The proposed Greenbelt Spray Park must give due consideration to children’s safety and the parking issues in the downtown area.  I've called on the City of Idaho Falls to table the issue for now.  I do support exploring a spray/water park in Tautphaus Park.  Read my news release here.

City Contracts. City contracting needs to be revisited to provide greater transparency.

Housing and Employment Discrimination. The passage of the recent ordinance is only a first step. I believe the City Council needs to thoughtfully tackle the public accommodations provision next year and revisit the ordinance itself after implementation.  Idaho’s Legislature must properly assume responsibility for addressing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation for all Idahoans. 


Grow Our Economy

Economic Development. The #1 leadership role for the Mayor must be economic development. I will create an Office of Economic Development. I will work to reduce the barriers that currently inhibit business growth.  Read my news release on the issue here.

World Class Scientific Research Capabilities. We have world class research laboratories and scientific facilities right here in our backyard. We must do all we can to capitalize on the strengths of the Idaho National Laboratory and make certain that its mission is secure and strong for decades to come.  Governor Otter just appointed me to the LINE 2.0 Commission which is tasked with strengthening INL's future mission and the role of nuclear energy in our state. See the press release on this issue here.

Local Energy. We must maintain our existing power infrastructure base to preserve the cost advantages of Idaho Falls Power within the region.

Local Taxes. Desirable low tax rates are made possible through increased economic growth. Tax savings can also be achieved through careful spending. I propose a top-to-bottom citizen review of each City department. I will require management audits of City Departments on a rotating basis and reward City employees and citizens who suggest viable cost savings.  Read my press release here.

11/1/13 Addition:  After reviewing the City's budget process in 2013, I believe I need to add another point:

Initiate the budget process earlier in the year to allow council members sufficient time to fully study and vet all budget proposals well before the end of the fiscal year looms.


Enhance Our Community

Local Higher Education. Find ways to maximize the benefit of Eastern Idaho Technical College to our community.

Arts, Culture, and Tourism. Full development of our cultural and recreational attractions makes Idaho Falls a great place to live. These same attractions also make our city a great destination for tens of thousands of visitors each year. We must foster the growth of this area. Read my press release here.

City Entrances. First impressions mean a lot. We must do all we can to enhance the entrances to our city and transform the I-15 corridor into something special. See the press release on this issue here.

Green Space. I support efforts to extend the Greenbelt and other paths across the community.

Downtown Preservation. All over America, downtown areas are disappearing. We must preserve the spirit and atmosphere of our downtown. Parking continues to be a critical issue and must be further addressed.


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