Why I'm Running for Mayor of Idaho Falls

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Idaho Falls to the Next Level.

“I am running for mayor because it is time for Idaho Falls to step to a higher level, stretch further, and achieve more. I will bring energy, vision, and a breadth of experience to the job of directing our great city.”

-- Rebecca Casper, Candidate for Mayor

Idaho Falls is great place to live. Yet, we can do better.

On November 5th, we have a chance to choose a new Mayor and City Council and shift our future course.

Rebecca Casper will work to solve current problems, grow our economy, and enhance our community. Learn more about Rebecca Casper's ideas to take Idaho Falls to a higher level. She also understands that taxpayer funds are a sacred trust and has a plan to create efficiency when it comes to City spending.

As a college instructor, business owner, Idaho Falls leader and INL advocate, Rebecca Casper has the skills to pull our community together, focus on critical issues, and deliver on her campaign promises.

She has the backing of a wide variety of local residents (See her endorsement ad with nearly 300 people here) including Mayor Jared Fuhriman, former Mayor Linda Milam, local philanthropist Anne Voillequé and civic activist Sheila Olsen.

But, to win, Rebecca needs your support. Please consider making a monetary donation to her campaign and/or signing up to become a volunteer. Whether it's time or money, we can work together to make Rebecca Casper the next Mayor of Idaho Falls.


Learn more about Rebecca's campaign, get info on hot issues and find out how you can help.

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